Kitchen Farm High Quality Porcelain Items designed by Ian David Marsden now on sale in the RITZENHOFF store

Kitchen Farm High Quality Porcelain Items
design by Ian David Marsden
now on sale in the RITZENHOFF store

RITZENHOFF is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of beverage glasses, glass objects and components.

Innovative designs have become the hallmark of the annual Ritzenhoff Collection, a tabletop fashion trendsetter.

Since 1810, porcelain, ceramics and glass have been our passion. Within these over 200 years of our existence, we have gained greatest expertise and have long since been one of the leading suppliers of tableware products as well as kitchen and home accessories.


These fun new items represent the very first designs by Ian David Marsden for RITZENHOFF. They are part of the Kitchen Farm series.

The kitchen farm is made up of a sweet little sugar bird, a happy-go-lucky salt piggy, a small herb jar with a cute bunny relaxing and smelling the flowers and a large herb jar with a cow holding a piece of chalk, ready to mark the jar contents for you.

The herb jars are made out of finest porcelain china with real wood lids featuring air-tight rubber interior seals. Both the small and large jars are stackable and there is a practical area on each herb jar on which the contents can be hand-written in chalk.
(Each jar comes with a bag of chalk inside.)

Order large herb jar with cow directly HERE


Order small herb jar with bunny directly HERE

The salt piggy is open on one side and comes with a wooden RITZENHOFF salt serving spoon. It is the perfect way to present salt on the kitchen counter or dining room table.

Order salt piggy directly HERE

The sugar birdy can be filled through a tight rubber seal at the bottom.
Sugar is poured out of the beak by tilting the bird.

Order sugar bird directly HERE

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For more information about the designer Ian David Marsden, please visit his homepage and biography HERE.

Copyright © 2013 RITZENHOFF and Ian David Marsden

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“My kitchen farm design is certainly influenced by happy memories of summer days spent on farms and vineyards, in the South of France, Tuscany, in Switzerland, and other wonderful locations.

Sunny, seemingly endless days, happy animals, the smell of fresh coffee brewing and delicious food being prepared in the kitchen and the delicious aroma of the grass, hay and herbs in the air.”

 - Ian David Marsden


“Mein Kitchen Farm Design ist sicherlich beeinflusst von glücklichen Erinnerungen an wunderbare Sommertage die ich auf Bauernhöfen und Weingütern in Südfrankreich, der Toscana, der Schweiz und anderen wunderbaren Orten geniessen konnte.

Sonnige, scheinbar endlose Tage, glückliche Tiere, der Duft von frischem Kaffee und feinen Speisen der aus dem Küchenfenster über den Hof schwebt und das köstliche Aroma von Gras, Heu und Kräutern die in der Luft allgegenwärtig sind.”

 - Ian David Marsden

Video Scribing Whiteboard Animation Example 2 – “What are the ingredients of PartyPOW”?

Video Scribing Whiteboard Animation Example 2
“What are the ingredients of PartyPOW”?

Concept, Storyboard, Illustrations, Dialogue, Voice: Ian David Marsden

PartyPOW! is an all natural energy booster without any of the negative side-effects of energy drinks.
This video using video scribing whiteboard animation explains the all-natural ingredients of Party Pow and how it works.

Available as of IMMEDIATELY in the Party POW shop at:
Retail locations to be made public soon.

©2013 PartyPOW!
and Ian David Marsden

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“The Pianist” Freehand Sketch in Photoshop for my Facebook Page

“The Pianist” Freehand Sketch in Photoshop for my Facebook Page

A quick and rough digital cartoon scribble in Photoshop for my Facebook Page.

My Facebook page is HERE by the way, hint hint, if you feel like giving it a “Like” :)

Here is an image of the final result and also a YouTube video of the entire drawing process, uncut.

This sketch was made in under 30 Minutes but for the purpose of the video I sped the action up to around 9 Minutes.

I hope you enjoy it. Cheers!


Pianist Sketch for Facebook Page Cover

Café Poster – with Cardboard Cutout people and food items (Vector Illustration)

Café Poster – Cardboard Cutouts
Vector Artwork in Adobe Illustrator

Café Cardboard Cutout Poster by Ian David Marsden

This was a fun illustration project to be used as a poster and also menu card cover and take-out menu cover for a restaurant / café.
The idea was to make it look like a children’s cardboard cutout game or an arts and crafts project. The artwork was created as 100% vector art in Adobe Illustrator CS5.

Illustration by Ian David Marsden
© 2012
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Ian Marsden

Ian Marsden is now a featured artist on the website

Ian Marsden is now a featured artist on the website

Amazing news. I am now a featured artist on the brand new website.
Not only is there a brief bio but there is also an introductory video. Other videos of me working in various software applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash, SketchBook Pro and Manga Studio EX4 will appear throughout the Wacom site at a later date. I will keep you updated on this and other exciting Wacom related news as things unfold.

LINK > Ian David Marsden on WACOM.COM

Ian David Marsden is an illustrator, cartoonist, animator, logo and web designer, but he’s also the guy who created the first Google Doodle, ever.

I am an independent freelance artist and I am available for new assignments
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