Drawing a Cartoon In Mischief Software (Realtime YouTube Video)

Drawing a Cartoon In Mischief Software (Realtime YouTube Video)

I read about Mischief and liked the demonstration video on their website.
I thought it made sense and sounded like a really good idea to combine the power of vector art with a painterly quality and also to have a sort of free and unrestrictive feeling in a drawing program.
The unlimited canvas seemed like a wonderful idea also – and the way you can output any selected area as a file. Anyway, I am not going to list all the things about it that seemed great, why don’t you try it out yourself.
I was quite impressed by my initial test and can definitely imagine Mischief becoming an integral part of my sketching, layout, storyboarding and freehand drawing process. As it develops I am certain many more cool features will be added.
Personally, I can recommend it.
Find out more about mischief here:
The following cartoon sketch was filmed with Snapz Pro X software on my Wacom Cintiq 21UX. I am working on an Intel Core i7 iMac.

Video Scribing Whiteboard Animation Example 2 – “What are the ingredients of PartyPOW”?

Video Scribing Whiteboard Animation Example 2
“What are the ingredients of PartyPOW”?

Concept, Storyboard, Illustrations, Dialogue, Voice: Ian David Marsden

PartyPOW! is an all natural energy booster without any of the negative side-effects of energy drinks.
This video using video scribing whiteboard animation explains the all-natural ingredients of Party Pow and how it works.

Available as of IMMEDIATELY in the Party POW shop at: http://www.partypow.com/
Retail locations to be made public soon.

©2013 PartyPOW!
and Ian David Marsden

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“The Pianist” Freehand Sketch in Photoshop for my Facebook Page

“The Pianist” Freehand Sketch in Photoshop for my Facebook Page

A quick and rough digital cartoon scribble in Photoshop for my Facebook Page.

My Facebook page is HERE by the way, hint hint, if you feel like giving it a “Like” :)

Here is an image of the final result and also a YouTube video of the entire drawing process, uncut.

This sketch was made in under 30 Minutes but for the purpose of the video I sped the action up to around 9 Minutes.

I hope you enjoy it. Cheers!


Pianist Sketch for Facebook Page Cover

Dragon Lady – Cartoon Sketch YouTube Video

Dragon Lady
YouTube live realtime cartoon sketching video

In this video I am doing a freehand sketch of a Lady Dragon in SketchBookPro6 software,
I am drawing on my Citiq 21 UX interactive pen display.

This was not for a project or an assignment, it was just a fun little doodling session, to loosen up and get into the drawing mood. I also felt that a new video was overdue.

I hope you enjoy this little sketch and insight as to how I work. The music is the same music I was listening to while I worked by the way.

Here is the final artwork:

The music in the background of the video is this mellow Tibetan meditation by the way:

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