Flash Animation

Ian David Marsden
Professional character design, vector illustration and flash animation

CLICK HERE to see wide selection of Flash corporate presentation, interactive games, holiday cards, greeting cards, advertising banners and ads, and full scale animation projects such as music videos and more.

I can complete the entire project for you starting with concepts, ideas and script writing, followed by storyboard and character design, down to final background and asset creation and illustration and final animation. Output to flash or video for broadcasting or YouTube.

Brief video demonstration of me working in Adobe Flash CS5 created for the official Wacom website. I am a highly experienced Flash Designer and Animator and have been working with Flash and Shockwave pretty much from the very beginning of their existence.

Certain sound and voice-over elements can also be created in-house. For what I can not provide I have a network of highly experienced top-notch professionals I work with frequently who can do everything from composing your theme song to imitating celebrity voices to giving you Hollywood quality FX and surround sound.

Please contact me for a free consultation and estimate. I would be delighted to assist you with your projects.

Ian Marsden
[email protected]

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