The Hungarian Lodger (from ‘Marsden Manor’) – Vector Illustration / Character Design

The Hungarian Lodger (from ‘Marsden Manor’)
Vector Illustration / Character Design

Fez Man

Ian David Marsden

Ian Marsden is now a featured artist on the website

Ian Marsden is now a featured artist on the website

Amazing news. I am now a featured artist on the brand new website.
Not only is there a brief bio but there is also an introductory video. Other videos of me working in various software applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash, SketchBook Pro and Manga Studio EX4 will appear throughout the Wacom site at a later date. I will keep you updated on this and other exciting Wacom related news as things unfold.

LINK > Ian David Marsden on WACOM.COM

Ian David Marsden is an illustrator, cartoonist, animator, logo and web designer, but he’s also the guy who created the first Google Doodle, ever.

I am an independent freelance artist and I am available for new assignments
Please contact me directly, I would love to discuss your project with you.
[email protected]

A Tweet About My New Twitter Background

re·dun·dant, adjective,

Tweeting your own twitter background to your own twitter account. #background #illustration

Flash Animation and Flash Character Design

I have just updated the homepage and finally got around to adding some examples of my flash animations and GUI to the Flash page. It only took me around two years, give or take, but hey – better late than never, right.


In any event if you click on the FLASH tab on the main website it now takes you to a pull-down menu from where you can select from seven different categories: Corporate, Interactive, Animation, Games, Banners, E-Cards and YouTube/Tutorials. These are all pretty self-explanatory. Each menu selection will open the example in a new window.

FLASH by Ian Marsden

I hope you enjoy some of the pieces and possibly think of me or recommend me to your friends if you or they should require high-quality professional Flash elements for their sites, multimedia, advertising, presentations, e-mail campaigns or are generally looking to create the new viral advertising madness of the future.

Shortcut to Brilliant – Adobe Creative of the Week: Ian Marsden

I am delighted and honored to be featured as the ‘Creative of the Week’ on the Adobe ‘Shortcut to Brilliant’ website.
Please follow the Link for the full interview.

Ein Interview in Deutscher Sprache mit Illustrator, Cartoonist, Animator und Charakter Designer Ian Marsden.
Er ist diese Woche der Adobe ‘Kreativer der Woche’

Link > Adobe Shortcut to Brilliant ‘Creative of the Week’ Ian Marsden

Adobe Creative of the Week: Ian Marsden

Adobe Creative of the Week: Ian Marsden

Ich bin diese Woche auf der Adobe Webseite ‘Shortcut to Brilliant’ als ‘Kreativer der Woche’ im Interview und fühle mich geschmeichelt und geehrt. Folgen Sie bitte dem Link um das volle Interview zu lesen:

Link > Ian Marsden Adobe ‘Kreativer der Woche’ auf www. shortcut to brilliant. com im Interview