Easter Bunny Egg Painting Cartoon

A little cartoon illustration of a cute bunny painting a rather large egg.

Bunny Painting Easter Eggs

Art: Ian David Marsden

The Hungarian Lodger (from ‘Marsden Manor’) – Vector Illustration / Character Design

The Hungarian Lodger (from ‘Marsden Manor’)
Vector Illustration / Character Design

Fez Man

Ian David Marsden

Custom Designed Flash Holiday E-Card for Corporate Client EcoForests

Custom Designed Flash Holiday E-Card for Corporate Client EcoForests
Concept, storyboard, character and background vector illustration and assets, flash animation output for web and YouTube video

Custom designed according to customer requests and specifications
by Ian David Marsden | I am available for freelance contract work. Please contact me: [email protected]

This fun and relatively simple Ecard greeting for the Holidays was designed in Adobe Illustrator and animated in Adobe Flash for use on websites, in an e-mail campaign and also as video for use on YouTube and other video based social media sites.
A high resolution or resolution independent (vector) print version could also be created so that you printed holiday greeting card matches or supplements your animated or interactive flash holiday card.

If you are on a Flash enabled computer or device you can click on THIS LINK to see the final animation. Since it was completely vector based the file size of the .swf file is very light (58K).


If you are on an iphone or a non-flash environment or device that does not support Adobe flash here is a YouTube video of the animation to give you an idea.
Please bear in mind that the image quality here is compressed and it does not reflect the clarity and high definition of the actual vector art and flash animation.

©2011 EcoForests and Ian Marsden
Design/Animation by Ian Marsden

Fox Character Design – for corporate enterprise client print and web

Original Character Design and Illustrations of ‘Fox’ Character
Designer: Ian David Marsden | [email protected]
Client: La Maison de l’initiative / Sustain D
©2012 Sustain D / I.D. Marsden

From the initial conceptual phase coming up with the ‘Fox’ character and evolving the Fox over several iterations, through scribbles and layouts to the final artwork as digital vector files in Adobe Illustrator CS5 I worked closely with the client to establish the a character with the right feel and then later create various poses, stories and comic strips featuring Mister Fox.

Usage in all media for print advertising materials, brochures and a calendar explaining energy efficiency in new houses.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me I would be delighted to discuss the possibilities and options for your project as well.


Character Design 'Fox' for Sustain D

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My name is Ian Marsden and I am a professional independent Illustrator, Character Designer, Logo Designer, Flash Animator and Cartoonist.
I am highly experienced in creating custom characters, illustrations, comic strips, mascots and animated video and flash elements for use on websites or YouTube. My full resume and a partial client list can be viewed by clicking on this link.

References are available upon request. I am completely reliable and deadlines are always met. Please contact me directly to discuss your design and illustration needs. I look forward to hearing from you.
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