Ian Marsden is now a featured artist on the Wacom.com website

Ian Marsden is now a featured artist on the Wacom.com website

Amazing news. I am now a featured artist on the brand new Wacom.com website.
Not only is there a brief bio but there is also an introductory video. Other videos of me working in various software applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash, SketchBook Pro and Manga Studio EX4 will appear throughout the Wacom site at a later date. I will keep you updated on this and other exciting Wacom related news as things unfold.

LINK > Ian David Marsden on WACOM.COM

Ian David Marsden is an illustrator, cartoonist, animator, logo and web designer, but he’s also the guy who created the first Google Doodle, ever.

I am an independent freelance artist and I am available for new assignments
Please contact me directly, I would love to discuss your project with you.
[email protected]

Custom Designed Flash Holiday E-Card for Corporate Client EcoForests

Custom Designed Flash Holiday E-Card for Corporate Client EcoForests
Concept, storyboard, character and background vector illustration and assets, flash animation output for web and YouTube video

Custom designed according to customer requests and specifications
by Ian David Marsden | I am available for freelance contract work. Please contact me: [email protected]

This fun and relatively simple Ecard greeting for the Holidays was designed in Adobe Illustrator and animated in Adobe Flash for use on websites, in an e-mail campaign and also as video for use on YouTube and other video based social media sites.
A high resolution or resolution independent (vector) print version could also be created so that you printed holiday greeting card matches or supplements your animated or interactive flash holiday card.

If you are on a Flash enabled computer or device you can click on THIS LINK to see the final animation. Since it was completely vector based the file size of the .swf file is very light (58K).


If you are on an iphone or a non-flash environment or device that does not support Adobe flash here is a YouTube video of the animation to give you an idea.
Please bear in mind that the image quality here is compressed and it does not reflect the clarity and high definition of the actual vector art and flash animation.

©2011 EcoForests and Ian Marsden
Design/Animation by Ian Marsden

Custom Holiday Flash E-Cards. Designed and animated for your company.

Custom Holiday Flash E-Cards. Designed and animated for your project
Animated realistic snow globe with winter landscape and moving snow-flakes, musical background and company logos.

(Please note: To allow the animation to be viewed on mobile devices below is a low resolution YouTube video. The actual artwork was high-res HD flash animation.
If you are on a device that supports flash you can see the animated snow globe holiday e-card in full quality as a flash film by CLICKING HERE)
Client: Ja-Tail Enterprises LLC, Beverly Hills, CA

Hi, my name is Ian D. Marsden

I am a professional illustrator and animator with a lot of experience in the design and creation of custom holiday cards for corporations, events and enterprises.

I can create cards for print purposes or electronic animated and even interactive holiday e-cards in Adobe Flash CS5 for websites, e-mail campaigns or output to HD video for YouTube.

Often a striking solution is a coordinated and combined campaign of matching printed card and electronic flash holiday e-card.

I can assist from the very beginning of the project with original ideas and concept and then complete your unique and tailor made car in house from sketches, layouts, storyboard, final art and assets and animation.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me for a free consultation and estimate.

I look forward to hearing from you
[email protected]
Marsden Flash Animation

Big Brother: Cartoon Chicken and Chick Designs for shockwave interactive shooter game

Cartoon Chickens and Chicks.
Normal state and exploded state.
by artist Ian David Marsden
Contact me for a free consultation and estimate for your illustration or animation project.

Programmed in Macromedia Shockwave it was a promotional gag for the website of the very first BIG BROTHER series in Holland for John de Mol Produkties.
Chicken Cartoon by Ian Marsden for Big Brother shockwave flash arcade game

These chickens were designed for one of the first on-line Shockwave (now known as Flash) games ever created. It was a shooter game where the chickens moved around and when you shot them they ‘exploded’ and fell down.

The shockwave animation technology was so new that back then I drew these analog on paper and colored them with watercolor and scanned them in.
Of course today I would choose to create them digitally directly in the computer, most likely as vector art. But back then that technology did not exist either.
Unless you are talking about MS Paint. Haha.

Still I think they are pretty funny even today. I hope you enjoy them.

- – - – - -

My name is Ian Marsden and I am a professional independent Illustrator, Character Designer, Logo Designer, Flash Animator and Cartoonist.
I am highly experienced in creating custom characters, illustrations, comic strips, mascots and animated video and flash elements for use on websites or YouTube. My full resume and a partial client list can be viewed by clicking on this link.

References are available upon request. I am a reliable, experienced professional and deadlines are always met. Please contact me directly to discuss your art, design or illustration needs.

I look forward to hearing from you. [email protected]

Chicken Cartoon by Ian Marsden for Big Brother shockwave flash arcade game

Chicken Cartoon by Ian Marsden for Big Brother shockwave flash arcade game

Artist and chief chicken designer: Ian David Marsden
©1998 Big Brother / Ian D. Marsden

Chicken Cartoon by Ian Marsden for Big Brother shockwave flash arcade game

Friar’s Club New York City – Intro Animation and cartoon monk illustrations by Ian David Marsden

Friar’s Club New York City – Intro Animation and cartoon monk illustrations and animated GIFs by Ian Marsden
I can create custom artwork and animation for your project or company as well. Please contact me for a free consultation and estimate.
Ian Marsden[email protected]

When I was contacted by the the world famous Friar’s Club in New York and asked if I would be interested in designing cartoon monks for their website, I was of course more than thrilled.
They wanted me to come up with a modern version of some of the classic existing monk cartoons already in the collection of the club. The website re-design required an intro animation and several static images and also lightly animated GIFs.

New York Friar’s Club (From Wikipedia)
The Friars Club is a private club in New York City, founded in 1904 and famous for its risqué celebrity roasts. The club’s membership is composed mostly of comedians and other celebrities. It is located at 57 East 55th Street between Park and Madison Avenues in a building it calls the Monastery.[1] In 2004 the City of New York named the southeast corner of 55th street where the clubhouse stands “Friars Way”.

I was tasked to come up with an idea for a fun and fitting intro flash animation, short but still interesting that would then automatically kick you forward into the main site at the end.
We bounced a couple of ideas around and eventually I drew a storyboard of the winning scenario. We would show a pan down the iconic ‘Monastery’ building to establish the shot. Then a classic New York checker cab would drive up 55th street with one of our little monks as a passenger, happily looking out of the window. The taxi pulls up outside the club, our monk walks up the stairs and rings the doorbell. The doors open and we zoom in to the club. It kicks you to the next HTML page – main splash page of the Friar’s Club website. (All of these elements, the building, the street scene, the taxi and driver, the monk, entrance etc. were created as 100% vector illustrations in Adobe Illustrator CS5 and based to the last detail on photographs of the club. Even the woodwork on the door and the actual doorbell is exactly as you would find at the Friar’s club).

If you are reading this on a FLASH ENABLED computer or device, you can view the actual high resolution Flash Into by CLICKING HERE

For mobile devices here is a YouTube video which is unfortunately not in the same high resolution, but you should get the idea.

Below some of the monk character designs and animated GIFs. In some cases you might see a dark jagged line around the image. This is because the GIF’s are on a transparent background and have been issued an assigned ‘matte’ color to fit into the HTML pages.

Champagne Bottle Juggling Monk Cartoon

Chef Monk with Birthday cake trolley and Balloon

Barman Monk with shaker

‘Jackie Gleason’ monk playing pool – Click to see full-sized animated version
(This one was particularly fun to create)

Chef Monk walking with lobsters

All character designs, illustrations and animation created by Ian D. Marsden
© 2012 Friar’s Club New York City and Ian David Marsden

Elektronische Grusskarten und E-cards für Ihre Firma – Unternehmenskommunikation

Elektronische Grusskarten und E-cards für Ihre Firma – Unternehmenskommunikation

Weihnachts- und Neujahrskarten für Ihre Firma. Massgeschneiderte E-Karten.

Möchten Sie eine massgeschneiderte E-Karte für Ihr Unternehmen versenden?

Eine speziell für Sie konzipierte, originelle und einzigartige Karte, welche genau nach Ihrer Vision und den Vorstellungen Ihres Teams angefertigt wurde?

Nicht vorproduzierte Templates sind hier gemeint, denen einfach Ihr Logo eingefügt und der Text ein bisschen abgeändert wird, sondern eine vom Konzept an Ihr Firmenbild, Ihre CI und Ihre Firmenkommunikation abgestimmte Einzelanfertigung durch einen erfahrenen Profi. Ich kann diese Karte, dieses Banner oder dieses Flash genau so für Sie umsetzen, wie Sie Ihnen vorschwebt.

Von simplen Animationen mit eingeblendeten Fotos die je nach Bedarf in Photoshop retouchiert und verändert werden können (Schneelandschaften können als Hintergrund ausgetauscht werden, rote Klausmützen aufgesetzt werden etc.), oder denen festliche Elemente hinzugefügt werden können, bis hin zu den höchst anspruchsvollen und komplizierten Konzepten die schon an eigentliche Werbespots angrenzen (Spiele, Trickfilme, Sprechende Karikaturen, Lustige Figuren, eingebundenes Video, Spielereien mit und um Ihr Logo etc.) ist alles möglich.

Ich kann Ihnen, falls gewünscht, bereits beim Konzept und beim ‘Drehbuch’ mit Ideen und Content-Vorschlägen behilflich sein und Sie dann über Scribbles/Skizzen über Storyboard, Illustrationen, Fotomanipulation über die fertige Animation in Adobe Flash CS5 begleiten. Möchten Sie spezielle Musik für Ihre Karte, oder Dialoge eines Sprechers oderer mehrerer Darsteller aufnehmen? Meine Partner im Bereich Tonstudio und Talent können diese Dialoge für Sie schreiben und auch professionell aufnehmen. Dies auch mehrsprachig.

Bei simplen Animationen beginnt der Basispreis bereits bei 270 Euro, Sie sehen: es lohnt sich eine Anfrage auf alle Fälle.
Gerne gebe ich Ihnen eine kostenlose Telefonberatung und natürlich auch einen ebensolchen Kostenvoranschlag.

Eine kurze, eindrückliche und angenehme Art um Ihren Kunden frohe Festtage und einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr zu wünschen.

Flash Karten können auf Ihrer Homepage aufgeschaltet werden oder in ein direktes E-mail eingebunden werden. Natürlich besteht auch die Möglichkeit die Karte als Video oder YouTube video zu versenden die auch auf allen SmartPhones, iPhone inkusive, problemlos gesehen und abgespielt werden können.

Natürlich sind solche Karten nicht nur auf die Weihnachtszeit oder die Neujahrszeit begrenzt. Sie eignen sich das ganze Jahr hindurch um Ihre Kunden über News, neue Produkte oder andere Interessante Neuigkeiten zu informieren.

Bitte Kontaktieren Sie mich per E-mail:
[email protected]

Oder direkt (Mobil): +33 (0)6 42 49 82 11

Herzlichen Dank.
Ian David Marsden

Weitere Beispiele von Animationen, Logos, Maskottchen, Illustrationen sowie meine Bio und Kundenliste finden Sie hier: