The Very First Google Doodles by Ian David Marsden

The Very First Google Doodles by Ian David Marsden
As a professional artist, illustrator, cartoonist and character designer, one of the highlights of my career so far is certainly that I happen to be the very first Google Doodle artist. :)

Article about the early days at Google: Wall Street Journal – Google The Beginning

It was tremendous fun and I was totally delighted when Google contacted me to be their first artist. Back then I was working out of a one bedroom studio in Santa Monica, California and we were trying to keep our little two year old baby in diapers, so the whole magical world of the internet in it’s very first pioneer days was a wonderful and thrilling place to be and I was honored and thrilled that I was able to actively participate with Google and some of the other projects I helped realize back then. Even in those early days it was clear to me (and most other people) that Google was headed for greatness. :)

The first Illustrations I made for Google, were shown on April Fool’s Day 2000. Google launched the amazing MentalPlex Technology where you could just think of what you were searching for and Google would find it. I created a little character and made some animated GIFs to explain how it worked.

See the instructions here:

My first ‘Google Doodle’ series was also the very first actual Google Doodle – namely the Alien abduction of the Google logo which happened in May 2000.
First Google Doodle by Ian Marsden

My second Google Doodle was Google Doodle II – Founding Father’s BBQ and Fireworks for the 4th of July.
Fpurth of July Doodle

The third series of Google Doodles I designed were the Olympic Doodles for the Summer Olympics in Sydney - Google Doodles Summer Olympics in Sydney with the little ‘Kangaroodle” I also created for Google and for the event. I have never received more fan mail than I did during the days these olympic google doodles were online. Hundreds, probably thousands of e-mails from all over the world. All of them positive and friendly. :)
Marsden Sydney Olympics Google Doodle

Google Doodles by Ian Marsden
(a selection of olympic doodles from the above links)


The last Google Doodle I drew was the Global Happy New Year Doodle 2001 with the two little white bears throwing a party.

Marsden 2001 New Year Google Doodle

I hope you enjoyed this little walk with me down my Google Doodle memory lane.

All of the above Google Doodles are © 1999 – 2001
Artwork by Ian D. Marsden

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My name is Ian Marsden and I am a professional independent Illustrator, Character Designer, Logo Designer, Flash Animator and Cartoonist.
I am highly experienced in creating custom characters, illustrations, comic strips, mascots and animated video and flash elements for use on websites or YouTube. My full resume and a partial client list can be viewed by clicking on this link.

References are available upon request. I am a reliable, experienced professional and deadlines are always met. Please contact me directly to discuss your art, design or illustration needs.

I look forward to hearing from you. [email protected]

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I just completed an update to my Ian David Marsden Illustrator and Cartoonist homepage.

The categories CARTOONS, ILLUSTRATION and LOGOS have been completely updated and now feature my Flickr Galleries. If you are viewing the site from a mobile device or Flash is not enabled you can click the link at the bottom to access the galleries directly.

I guess you already know about my personal BLOG since you are reading this post on it. ;)

Of course there is still the Flash Animation page that features samples of CORPORATE Flash projects, INTERACTIVE Flash, GAMES, BANNERS, E-CARDS and my YouTube Videos and Tutorials. Don’t forget to hover over the menus to get all the options and menus.


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The Hungarian Lodger (from ‘Marsden Manor’) – Vector Illustration / Character Design

The Hungarian Lodger (from ‘Marsden Manor’)
Vector Illustration / Character Design

Fez Man

Ian David Marsden

Custom Designed Flash Holiday E-Card for Corporate Client EcoForests

Custom Designed Flash Holiday E-Card for Corporate Client EcoForests
Concept, storyboard, character and background vector illustration and assets, flash animation output for web and YouTube video

Custom designed according to customer requests and specifications
by Ian David Marsden | I am available for freelance contract work. Please contact me: [email protected]

This fun and relatively simple Ecard greeting for the Holidays was designed in Adobe Illustrator and animated in Adobe Flash for use on websites, in an e-mail campaign and also as video for use on YouTube and other video based social media sites.
A high resolution or resolution independent (vector) print version could also be created so that you printed holiday greeting card matches or supplements your animated or interactive flash holiday card.

If you are on a Flash enabled computer or device you can click on THIS LINK to see the final animation. Since it was completely vector based the file size of the .swf file is very light (58K).

If you are on an iphone or a non-flash environment or device that does not support Adobe flash here is a YouTube video of the animation to give you an idea.
Please bear in mind that the image quality here is compressed and it does not reflect the clarity and high definition of the actual vector art and flash animation.

©2011 EcoForests and Ian Marsden
Design/Animation by Ian Marsden

Interview mit Illustrator Ian David Marsden – psd. Photoshop Magazin, Juli 2010

Ein Interview mit Illustrator Ian D. Marsden in der neuen Ausgabe von .psd Photoshop Magazin, Juli 2010

Seite 44 / 45

Fraunhofer Gesellschaft – Neue Joseph von Fraunhofer Sympathiefigur. Character Design

Neue Joseph von Fraunhofer Figur für die Fraunhofer Gesellschaft von Ian David Marsden.
Diese wird bald hier und dort in Bild und Animation auftauchen. :)


Illustrationen, Character Design und Flash Animation von Ian D. Marsden
©2010 Marsden / Fraunhofer

Ian David Marsden und Helmi Sigg sind: Die Sugardaddies

Sugar… oh Honey Honey…

Ian David Marsden und Helmi Sigg sind die Sugar-Daddies.

Nach dem Motto: „Two Heads are better than one“ haben sich die beiden Kreativlinge zusammengetan, um ihre eigene Schaffenskraft und Visionen zu optimieren.

Helmi Sigg vorzustellen, wäre fast, wie Schnee in den Himalaya einfliegen zu lassen. Der Komiker (Trio Eden), Musicaldarsteller (Ewigi Liebi), Kunstmaler, Texter, TV- & Radiospot-Produzent sowie Promoter, arbeitet ebenfalls breitflächig an verschiedensten Fronten.

Cartoonist und „Flash-Wiz“ Marsden vorzustellen, wäre fast, wie Lemminge über die Klippe zu werfen. Als jüngster Cartoonist schaffte er mit 17 sein erstes Nebelspalter Cover. Marsdens Stil überzeugte sogar LaToya Jackson, deren Website er kreirte und Google für die er 1999 die ersten Google Doodles zeichnete. Heute ist Marsden ein international gefragter Künstler und an verschiedensten Fronten tätig.

Ihr erstes Konzept „Zipfelhart“ ist eine ironische Weihnachtsbotschaft der anderen Art und zeigt die zukünftigen Möglichkeiten ihres gemeinsamen Schaffens.

Die Sugardaddies
Zürich im Dezember 2009

Ian D. Marsden und Helmi Sigg sind die Sugardaddies