Brasil Illustration: NZZ Am Sonntag


Brasil Illustration: NZZ am Sonntag Newspaper


Die Traurigkeit hat kein Ende, nur das Glück.
Article by: Hans-Ulrich Gumbrecht

NZZ am Sonntag
6 April 2014
© Ian David Marsden

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Illustrations for Advertisement and Poster for Künzli Optical Store

Illustrations for Advertisement and Poster
for Künzli Optical Store

Illustrator: Ian David Marsden –

Auftraggeber: Thomas Küenzli | Agentur: Matter & Gretener | Fotograf: Jonas Kuhn
Bildbearbeitung: Kuhnderron | Grafik: Jessica Lorenz | Text: Dominik Imseng Creative Direction: Daniel Matter | Client Service: Victor Rosser

Für Brillen mit Charakter

Movie Star Glasses - Advertising Illustration

Rock Star Glasses - Advertising Illustration

This basset grew a mustache for MOVEMBER

This basset grew a mustache for MOVEMBER

Henry the Basset always fancied himself a bit of a lad about town.
This fetching handlebar mustache which he grew especially for Movember
proves his point in a dashing yet incredibly attractive way.

Movember 2013 Basset Dog with handlebar mustache


Find out more about Movember:

Cartoon illustration by Ian David Marsden
[email protected]

Computer Games – Comic Book Illustration

Computer Games

Comic Book Illustration
by Ian David Marsden
© 2013

© 2013 Ian David Marsden Illustrator

© 2013
Ian David Marsden





Ian David Marsden is a professional cartoonist and illustrator and is available for contract work.
Please contact: [email protected]


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Illustration: Innovationsmanagement

Illustration “Schwimmkurs” Innovationsmanagement

Illustrator: Ian David Marsden
Art Director: Andreas Fisser
Client: Publicis München

(click image to enlarge) ©2013 | contact me

Illustration: Ian David Marsden

Drawing a Cartoon In Mischief Software (Realtime YouTube Video)

Drawing a Cartoon In Mischief Software (Realtime YouTube Video)

I read about Mischief and liked the demonstration video on their website.
I thought it made sense and sounded like a really good idea to combine the power of vector art with a painterly quality and also to have a sort of free and unrestrictive feeling in a drawing program.
The unlimited canvas seemed like a wonderful idea also – and the way you can output any selected area as a file. Anyway, I am not going to list all the things about it that seemed great, why don’t you try it out yourself.
I was quite impressed by my initial test and can definitely imagine Mischief becoming an integral part of my sketching, layout, storyboarding and freehand drawing process. As it develops I am certain many more cool features will be added.
Personally, I can recommend it.
Find out more about mischief here:
The following cartoon sketch was filmed with Snapz Pro X software on my Wacom Cintiq 21UX. I am working on an Intel Core i7 iMac.